Pandemic has thrown a test of resilience on the manufacturing industry like no other. The challenges faced during the lockdown are unique to the manufacturing sector as they stabilize the economy by being a nexus between suppliers and consumers, meeting the two ends is a tug of war. At the same time juggle with managing labour, Procure to Pay and Supply chain. Whether B2B or B2C, integrating automation to business environments with a question of ROI and its long term value is highly speculated.

Manufacturing industries are adding spend automation on an ad hoc priority basis. Impact of spend management on manufacturing industries is positive and starts from Procurement, accounts payable to Ease of Invoicing with OCR to GST reconciliation, it also helps in timely reimbursement of other departments expenses. Manufacturing industries have stepped up for modern times.

We got the opportunity to host industry leaders from Finance and IT on CXO Diaries Episode 7. Features like Single Sign On (SSO) and integrated Spend Management can alleviate pain of semi automation. A good spend management system solves the problem of Cash load on finance. It's time to avoid digitization in bits and pieces and strategically align values with organization intentions.

What is discussed in this webinar ?

  • Enhance decision making shaped by power of automation and digitization
  • Integrate digitization from project to process to product
  • For Global business standard & moth change management choose best of breeds over build it yourself for Global
  • How IRR (Internal Rate of Return) can limit a CFO from wearing a CIO hat and what needs to be done in this case?
  • Migrate to cloud, halt traditional Built-in models for quick results.

While WFH has demanded smooth operations, a CXO's focus has not changed from stringent cost cuttings and optimising processes for productivity.

In Sandhya Sharma's own words "I am looking at encompassing the whole business in such a way that finance activities are taken care much before they enter the business or the finance.Real Finance automation goes beyond transaction to encompass business activities and deliver data insights "

Watch this webinar where exemplar CXO's from manufacturing sectors have taken their organizations to a quantum leap through vision in automation and digitization.


Ms. Sandhya Sharma- CFO, Schindler India Pvt Ltd
Ms. Sandhya Sharma


Schindler India Pvt Ltd
Mr. Naresh Kumar Pathak,CIO, Andritz
Mr. Naresh Kumar Pathak


Mr. Kapil Pal- Head-IT, United Breweries Ltd
Mr. Kapil Pal


United Breweries Ltd
 Mr. Mugizhnan S- VP International Business Development, Happay
Host/ moderator: Mr. Mugizhnan S

VP International Business Development