According to a Accenture Strategy research, 80% of businesses are at the risk of losing their revenue as they have prioritized Customer Experience as the channel for growth.

And why is that?

Even though enhancing customer experience lead to a boost in loyalty but most organisations are yet to figure out, how to capitalise on their CX strategies?

Now let’s imagine, if the same focus is given to Employee Experience. Organizations who scored the highest in culture, technology and physical environment, had a direct revenue impact with 4X higher average profits and 2X higher average revenues.

So in this ebook we have tried to cover why there is a dire need for organizations to shift the focus from Customer Experience to Employee Experience.

In this Ebook, you’ll learn:

    By completing this ebook, you’ll learn:
  • Why outdated expense management softwares leads to a poor employee experience?
  • Spend management processes which cause frustration for today’s workforce.
  • How EX has become the new battleground for competitive advantage?