Auto-flag everything
for everyone

Out-of-policy expenses, duplicate bills, missing information, prohibited items and amount mismatch -- flag expense report irregularities for everyone involved in the approval workflow.

duplicate bills

Highlight high-risk
expense items

Enable approvers and auditors to review & verify expenses faster by bringing their attention immediately to items that need additional consideration; bulk-verify expenses that do not raise any alerts.

Policy violation

Identify irregular spend
patterns to mitigate risks

Not all frauds are intentional. Happay's Smart Audit gives you actionable insights on spend patterns that prove intent. You can uncover repeat offenders and fraudulent schemes that might be exploiting the loopholes in your current approval system.

Policy effectiveness report

Stay compliant in
the changing business

Use Smart Audit's robust internal controls as your ultimate weapon to stay resilient in today's volatile business environment. Adjust your policies and processes across the organisation to quickly respond to the changing business environment of rising risks and regulatory compliances. Drive business impact with data-based policy decisions to get consensus across the organisation and course correct ineffective or outdated policies in time.

Drive real results with Smart Audit


Time saved in reviewing expense reports

5 Days

Or less Reimbursement cycle


Average compliance rate

Leading Indian brands use Happay to streamline their T&E efforts

Happay is the next step in digital T&E management. It brings in a lot of control, systems, speed, efficiency and provides a good platform for documentation and records. It is convenient and great for cost savings.”

- Anthony Pinto, CFO, Micromatics

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