“Most Favoured Corporate Spends Management Platform”
for everyone! Who are you?

01. CFO & Finance Team

CFO & Finance Team

A one-stop expense software for all CFOs

  • Automated spend tracking
  • 100% Policy compliance for evolving mandates
  • Real-Time visibility of employee expenses
  • Manage expenses of the distributed workforce
  • on our expense management app & software
  • Simplify multi-tier approvals
02. CIO, IT Teams and Partners

CIO, IT Teams and Partners

Widely Implemented Platform Providing:

  • Seamless integration with any existing IT infrastructure (ERPs, HRMS and CRMs)
  • Easy Connect with Online travel aggregators as well as offline TMCs & travel companies
  • A single view of expenses through Uber, Banks, Credit card and SMS
  • Smooth migration & change management
  • PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 compliant system
  • Compliance to GDPR for data protection and privacy for all clients
03.CXOs and Top Management

CXOs and Top Management

Loved by users, the platform enhances Employee Experience through

  • Improved Visibility, audit & tracking of Spends
  • Channelise your employee productivity into business growth
  • Improved employee tax benefits through Digital means
  • Better tracking & adherence of company-wide policies
  • Auto extraction of expense data from multiple sources

Integrate Happay with systems you already use.

Happay seamlessly integrates with various accounting and ERP systems and saves your precious time on repetitive tasks. You can also export custom reports from Happay with a single click.

Here’s why customers choose Happay!

Most favoured Corporate Spends Management
partner for 6000+ Indian businesses

Automated expense
management solution for

  • 7x Faster processing of expenses
  • >75% improvement in employee productivity
  • 96% Reduction in Paperwork
  • Reduced leakage on false submissions