Built for businesses with distributed workforce and operations

A unique and dynamic credit line to manage business expenses

Smart credit budgeting + strong pre-spend control

Real-time card and expense management

Empower employees and easily manage all cards in real-time

Allocate credit cards to employees at any level

Cards can be handed out to anyone from managers to contractual employees without any risks.

Group employees into Departments or teams.

Create groups at Department, Team or location levels and map employees to them.

Choose either physical or one-time use virtual cards

Allocate plastic cards for POS/ retail purchases or virtual cards for one-time or regular online expenses.

Manage all cards from a single dashboard

Order and assign cards to new employees. Suspend cards when employees move on from the company.

Ensure optimal distribution of the credit line among groups and projects.

Group-level budgets

Split your enterprise credit line into budgets for teams, departments, locations, cost centres, etc.

Project-level budgets

Go a level deeper and split groups into different projects. Assign budgets for each project.

Manage multiple project expenses and budgets on one card.

View budget utilisation across groups and projects in real-time

Our comprehensive analytics dashboard gives you all the answers so you always know where your cash is and nothing is a mystery anymore!

The big picture

View a snapshot of groups and projects spends vs. the budgets.

The minute details

Drill down further to analyse activities spends under each project.

Trend analysis

Identify ways to improve budget allocations through our trend analytics.

Benefits at a glance

Empower your employees with a smart payment solution

Maximise the usage of your credit line

Make the most of your financial and human resources

Best for businesses with
Distributed office locations

Software Companies

With sales teams in remote locations and one central office

Contracting & Construction

With labourers and contractors making huge ad-hoc expenses

Field Service Based businesses

With a largely scattered workforce serving multiple clients in a day

Retail Chains & Local Stores

With multiple stores handling cash on a daily basis

Events/Marketing Companies

With account managers handling multiple clients

Non-Profit Organizations

With temporary teams that are constantly changing

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